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Pellegrino’s Logo evolution. Hover your mouse to read.

It all began in 1941

Pellegrino was founded on October 1st 1941 by Mr. Dante Pellegrino, a commercial traveler with great entrepreneurial spirit, who dedicated to the import and commercialization of auto parts in the city of São Paulo.

In 1956, concerned in innovate, Pellegrino catch the market by launching its first products’ catalogs.

In 1965 begins the regionalization process, the first business unit being opened in Goiânia.

In 1972 Dana Corporation, from the United States acquires 40% of Pellegrino’s capital.

In 1977, 100% of the capital is acquired by Dana Corporation, becoming the first multinational in the aftermarket segment in Brasil.

In 1984 Pellegrino acquires WIB Distribuidora Ltda, in a strategy to expand its presence in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

In 1993 deployment of the total quality concept focused on customer satisfaction, through the Management by Excellence system.

In 1994 creation of the Strategic Planning process, following FNPQ’s criteria, and creation of Pellegrino News, precursor of Pellegrino Magazine.

In 1996 implemented the electronic communication with sales representatives.

In 1998 implemented the electronic communication with customers.

In 2000 deployment of the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management), providing improvements in customer service process.

In 2002 implemented the BSC (Balance Scorecard), improving Strategic Planning control, and follow-up.

On December 1st 2004, Affinia Group, an U.S. high profile group in the aftermarket industry worldwide, acquires 100% of the capital